U.S. Models

Local currencies in the US
  1. Ithaca HOURS – Ithaca HOURS were created during the 1991 recession to sustain the economy in Ithaca, N.Y., and stem the loss of jobs. It is a legal and taxable local currency that uses a livable hourly wage as the standard.
  2. BerkShares
  3. Bay Bucks – paper scrip tied to the U.S. dollar and modeled partially on the successful model of Ithaca HOURS. They are a project of the Traverse Area Community Currency Corporation, a non profit created for the purpose of providing trustworthy tools for local exchange.
  4. Brooklyn Torch
  5. North Carolina PLENTY – Piedmont Local EcoNomy Tender (PLENTY) began circulating in the North Carolina Piedmont region (including Orange, Durham, and parts of Chatham and Alamance Counties) in October 2002.
  6. Cascadia Hour Exchange – Established in 1994.
  7. Madison Hours – Madison, Wisconsin
  8. Equal Dollars – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  9. RiverHOURS – Columbia Gorge region of Washington state. Established in 2004 by the Gorge Local Currency Cooperative.
  10. Corvallis Hour Exchange – Corvallis, Oregon
  11. Community Exchange System
  12. Life Dollars  – Pacific Northwest region of the U.S., centered around Bellingham, Port Townsend and Seattle, Washington. Created by the Fourth Corner Exchange Chapter of the Life Currency Cooperative Exchange.
  13. Youth Banking Program, Mission SF Community Financial Center | Mission SF Federal Credit Union, Ivan Barriga | Outreach & Financial Education Director, http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/video?id=7530944&pid=7530952
    • The balances and transaction are formally done by the credit union. Youth Banking is officially a “program,” not a bank. No licensing issues here. The youth banking officers do transactions on behalf of the credit union.
  14. Baltimore BNotes
  15. Bay Bucks (SF)  – A business-to-business mutual credit system serving the San Francisco Bay Area bioregion established in 2013.
  16. Davis Dollars
  17. Fairbuck – Fairfax, CA
  18. Monetary Ecology project – Santa Barbara
Online Currencies in the US

Life Dollars


Facebook currency, etc.