Internat’l Models

Complimentary Currencies outside of US:
  1. WIR – Switzerland’s complimentary currency, the Wirtschaftsring (Cercle Économique) or “Economic Circle,” founded in 1934, is referred to nowadays as the WIR-bank. The WIR is actually a centralized credit system for multilateral exchange, with no physical currency. (See also effect of WIR-Bank on Swiss economic stability, James Stodder)
  2. Lewes Pound – launched in 2008 in the town of Lewes, England. It is a five year pilot project of Transition Lewes (part of the international Transition Town movement).
  3. Totnes Pound
  4. Bristol Pound
  5. Brixton Pound
  6. Calgary Dollars – launched in 2002 in the town of Calgary, Canada. It is a scrip pegged to the Canadian federal currency.
  7. Toronto Dollars – launched in 1998 and can be purchased for $1 Canadian, with 10% of the price directed to local charity.
  8. Salt Spring Dollars – launched in 2001 and are considered gift certificates equal in value to the Canadian dollar. 5% of purchase price is directed to local charities, and local businesses must pay a 5% deposit fee to encourage continual circulation of the currency.
  9. Fureai Kippu: Largest time bank in the world, in Japan. You can earn credits by helping elderly, etc.
  10. Banco Palmas: Very successful currencies issued and locally administered in Brazil, backed by local community agreeing to accept them, given to people as low or no interest loans.
  11. Add info about Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, etc.
  12. Bangla Pesa – Kenya
  13. Lithuanian learning currency
  14. German currency